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(1) according to the requirements of installation leveling, the installation height of wood keel configuration specifications.

(2) in general, wood floor installed at the keel span of not more than 33cm, and the single floor using at least 3 keels. The span of the keel depends on the thickness of the floor, for example, the hollow floor. The thickness of the wall should also be considered. The widness and the thickness of the floor will directly affect the span of the keel. Please strictly follow the manufacturer's regulations when installing.

(3) stainless steel self tapping screws, which are durable, are the first choice for installing wood plastic profiles. The screw length varies with the thickness of the steel plate. Generally, screws are inserted into the keel depth 20mm as the base to calculate the screw length, and the screws should not be screwed too tightly.

(4) the WPC fastener matched to plank fastener and screw installation is easy, with supply, will naturally make fastener gap is formed between the two floor, do not squeeze the fastener to narrow the space, prevent the floor crack up.

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