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Analysis And Comparison Of Wood-plastic Composite Decking And Lumber
- Dec 07, 2018 -

1, wood plastic composite decking loss less

Wood plastic composite decking is profile, according to customer needs, can produce the length of the material that meets customer needs.And the length of the lumber is fixed; cutting causes a lot of waste.

2, In the same situation, the cost of wood plastic composite decking is less than lumber.

Install outdoor floor board commonly, if you choose lumber, need the thickness of lumber is 45MM and the thickness of wood plastic composite decking is 25MM only, its strength exceeds 45MM anticorrosive wood.Pass conversion, use lumber if be 1 cubic metre, so wood plastic composite decking needs about 0.5 cubic metre .

3, wood plastic composite decking physical properties and mechanical properties is very well, it is strong and durable

Wood plastic composite decking is suitable for outdoor large-scale installation and use, waterproof and moisture-proof, not easy to crack and rot, and lumber in the outdoor is easy to crack and moldy rot, short service life, easy to cause safety accidents.

4, wood plastic composite decking is a profile, have a lot of hollow specifications, save a lot of materials, wood plastic can do hollow, and lumber is impossible.

5, wood plastic composite decking surface is not required to do paint treatment

General lumber is to need to do surface paint or waterborne coating processing.It means the installation of wood plastic composite decking is convenient

6, wood plastic composite decking can be free of maintenance, maintenance costs are low

Lumber needs to do maintenance inside 1 year commonly or besmear brushs paint and so on.In the long run, the maintenance cost of wood plastic composite decking is lower than lumber.

7, plastic wood composite decking service life, generally can reach the general wood 3-4 times

Test data of foreign authority orgnaization shows, wood plastic composite decking service life exceeds 10 years, can reach to 50 years, use cycle is very long.


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