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Analysis Of The Development Status Of Wood Processing Industry
- May 31, 2018 -

Wood has the advantages of light weight, high strength-to-weight ratio, good elasticity, impact resistance, rich texture and beautiful appearance, and easy processing. It has been listed as an important raw material since ancient times. The wood industry occupies an important position in the national economy due to its low energy consumption, low pollution, and renewable resources. Now the products have been developed from the primary processing of logs, such as poles, pit wood, sleepers and various sawn timber, to the reprocessed products such as building components, furniture, vehicles, ships, sports goods, packaging containers and other wood products. Remanufactured products of wood are various wood-based panels, glulam, and the like, so that the wood industry forms an independent industrial system.

1, industry industry chain analysis

The upstream industry provides raw materials and processing equipment for the wood processing industry, which is the root of the development of the wood industry. It mainly includes the forest cultivation and forest conservation industries, the adhesives industry, and the wood processing machinery industry. The downstream industry is the demand side of the wood processing industry. Its development has a direct impact on the wood processing industry.

2. Increase in real estate new construction area

The real estate industry plays a crucial role in the growth of China's economy. Looking specifically at the wood processing industry, new housing needs renovation, and commodity housing requires floors, sofas, beds, etc. Office buildings require desks, chairs, floors, and other office supplies.

3. Increased demand for furniture and consumption of wood market

Wooden furniture manufacturing is one of the major downstream industries in the wood processing industry. Wooden furniture manufacturing industry demands a variety of products such as wood, wood-based panels, veneers and fiberboards. The development direction of the wooden furniture industry and the shift of the region directly affect the development trend of the wood processing industry.

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