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Are Wood - Plastic Floors And Ecological Wood Floors The Same?
- Mar 30, 2018 -

Often will have the customer ask: the wood plastic floor and the ecological wood floor are the same kind?In response to this question, Dayi plastic wood for the detailed solution.

Although wood plastic floor and ecological wood floor will be called wood plastic floor, belong to plastic wood material, belong to the different branch of plastic wood material.But there is a fundamental difference.

Belongs to PE material, wood plastic floor is made of plastic + wood powder + auxiliary heat extrusion molding, wood plastic floor has the waterproof, anti-corrosion, prevent craze, oxidation resistance, not easy to deformation of the superior performance, good bearing performance make it be the first choice of the outdoor landscape materials, is widely used in garden landscape, municipal parks, road, platforms and other outdoor place.

PVC foaming process is usually made of wood-plastic products called ecological wood, with obvious foaming holes on the surface.Ecological wood is mainly used for various occasions, such as work clothes, indoor and outdoor wallboard, ceiling ceiling, indoor soundboard, partition, billboards and other places.Although the PVC ecological wood floor is not used outside, the performance of the material itself determines its bearing capacity is poor, and the problem of deformation will appear in the short term.

I believe that through the solution of Dayi plastic wood, you have already made clear that wood plastic floor and ecological wood floor are not belong to the same product.If you still want to consulting and other wood plastic floor related question, please contact online customer service or the toll-free hotline: 86-15105832007,Dayi wpc  sales consultant will provide you with the whole heart service.


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