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Can The Toilet Use Plastic Wood Floor
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Often receive the telephone of the client: can the toilet use plastic wood floor?What kind of plastic wood floor suits toilet? Dayi plastic wood is recommended for the customer plastic wood assembly floor, this kind of plastic wood floor is also called interlocking composite deck tiles, DIY plastic wood assembly floor, lock type plastic wood floor.This kind of plastic wood assembly floor besides shop installed in toilet, still can be installed in balcony, garden, toilet.

The plastic wood assembly floor is waterproof, anti-skid and anti-corrosive, so many customers use it in the bathroom.The size of plastic wood assembly floor is 300mm*300mm*25mm.Plastic wood assembly floor installation is simple, do not need to use plastic wooden keel, plastic wood floor buckle.Dayi plastic wood assembled at the bottom of the floor is made of high quality ABS plastic pad, for the simple card at the bottom of the buckle design, 180 ° bend don't break, customers can easily install myself.

Believe through the above detailed explanation, everybody to the toilet can use plastic wood floor this question has affirmative answer.

Welcome to check the Dayi plastic wood assembly floor.

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