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Characteristics Of PS Wood
- May 13, 2018 -

PS wood is a new type of wood made of 100% polymer material, especially suitable for outdoor applications.

What are the characteristics of PS wood plastic? Mei Sen wood-plastic technology Xiaobian for everyone to explain:

1. Natural wood texture, comfortable surface

The special formula forms the texture and feel of the solid wood. The patented technology forms the color and texture of the natural wood. It is used in the outdoor environment and is almost indistinguishable from the natural wood. However, its performance is higher than that of the natural wood, and it is superior to the natural wood.

2. Anti-mosquito and mildew, health and environmental protection

Excellent anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-crack, anti-mold, insect-resistant and anti-fouling properties, no water absorption, so it will not produce any bugs, mildew, etc.; absolutely does not contain any ingredients or additives that have an impact on human health , The product has passed inspection and certification by the authoritative quality inspection department;

3. Super anti-aging properties

Designed specifically for outdoor use, it has added some UV protection, high temperature resistant components, and has strong anti-high and low temperature, anti-ultraviolet, anti-corrosion capabilities, outdoor use, more than ten years basically the same type;

4. Recyclable, no longer causing secondary pollution

Made of 100% polymer materials, it can be recycled and recycled without any extra burden on the environment.

5. Taste, comfort and environmental protection

Lead the new fashion of decorative materials.

6. No painting, no grinding, easy maintenance, easier to clean.

7. High density, high strength, not easily deformed.

8. With nailable, sawable, sticky, planable performance, can adapt to different specifications of hardware accessories.

9. Low-carbon and environmentally friendly products that do not contain harmful chemical components.

10. Long life

The service life is 3-5 times that of ordinary wood products.

11. Choice of multiple colors and surface textures.

12. Green products that are vigorously promoted and promoted by the country.

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