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Composite Floor Installation Method
- Apr 01, 2018 -

1. Clean out the construction site, clean the floor*, including every corner, the floor is not clean, after the floor there is a "sand" feeling.

2, then the ground leveling, the level of error can not exceed 2mm, more than if you want to find ways to leveling. If the ground is uneven, the floor feels bad after the floor is laid. Then, we must trim the edges and corners of the ground or uneven parts of the ground.

3. After the floor is cleaned, put the damp-proof layer on it to prevent the floor from getting damp. The damp-proof layer should be laid flat and joints should be close together.

4, the following work is to officially start the installation of the floor, because the floor is to be scattered installation, we must first pre-shop it, part of the floor is divided into two, according to the size of the saw, in case more than saw, the floor loss is large Now.

5, in the floor before the saw can open the floor all the package, pick out the problem or defective floor to saw, so that can effectively use the local floor of the problem, without excessive loss. Don't take the floor and saw it, it will increase the loss.

6, saw the location of the floor must be selected in the balcony and other tiles have a good place to take care of the health, otherwise the splash of wood ash into the pervasive everywhere, it is difficult to clean.

7, because the floor has a certain rate of expansion, so paving before its contact with the wall to set aside expansion joints to avoid the floor from the drum. The size of the expansion joint is generally related to the coefficient of expansion of the floor.

8, the adhesive glue to the floor to use special laminate flooring, the glue pollution is relatively small. Do not choose non-floor special glue in the market. It will increase the pollution source on the floor itself.

Before you shop, you can see if the glue is right.

9, the next step is to lay the floor. When laying, it is necessary to store a short piece of wood beside the long one, so that the cross-laid floor will not be easy to bite, and the floor will be tightened with tools.

10, then down is convergence, generally covered with floor beading. But it's also filled with glass glue to see what you like.

11, after the completion of the above work, check it again, there are imperfect places to trim it. Then enter the last process. It is the installation of the baseboard. The joint to be done is tight and flush. And to ensure that you can suppress the floor wall joints. The floor is paved next is the installation of a layering, the general floor than the ground is high with that kind of high and low pressure bar, the floor and the ground is flat with this flat layering.

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