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Composite Wallboard Production Equipment
- Mar 08, 2018 -

The composite plate is composed of medium density silicon calcium plate as the middle layer of surface layer composite core, which is generally EPS polystyrene particle light aggregate foam concrete. The mould first prefabricated in calcium silicate board molding machine, prefabricated template to be entered after pouring area, EPS foam concrete mixing polystyrene particles in the special mixing station, because of the precise requirements of the mixing data, using automatic control to ensure mixing inorganic additives will play the role of air into the slurry to further reduce weight at the same time, according to the process requirements must be protected fully into the mold after uniformity. Do this to ensure that the production of the composite wall panel is not the premise of how the quality of the problem. Different types of equipment are used according to the design of annual production scale.

The main equipment for production is: light aggregate non standard custom mixing station, composite plate forming machine, aluminum alloy die

The production of auxiliary equipment: industrial boiler, EPS preforming machine, air compressor, auxiliary infrastructure

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