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Composite Wood Flooring PK Solid Wood Flooring(II)
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Wood flooring refers to the wood made of the floor, the general home decoration commonly used wood flooring plain wood flooring, solid wood paint flooring, composite wood flooring and reinforced wood flooring.

From the sense of foot, PK, of course, solid wood is more comfortable and stable, especially suitable for laying in the bedroom. Composite wood flooring feels slightly worse, but now also out of a number of 18 mm thick board, and solid wood than the difference has been little. There is a solid wood composite board with 11 storeys, and the foot feel is quite comfortable.

From environmental protection, PK, solid wood flooring is pure natural forest, and decades old trees can be produced into solid wood flooring. The state has been restricting logging, so a large part of the dependence on imports, a large amount of money flowed abroad, ecology and future development is not a long-term trend. Composite wood flooring is to cut wood into thin sheets, and then according to the wood texture of the cross-wise staggered compression into, the wood requirements are not high.

Concluding remarks: solid wood flooring insulation, heat insulation, humidity regulation, green harmless, gorgeous and noble, durable. The surface layer of composite wood flooring is high-quality precious timber, which retains the graceful and natural characteristics of solid wood flooring, and greatly saves the resources of high-quality precious timber. The rate of timber production is high and the cost is greatly reduced. Composite wood flooring PK solid wood flooring results in composite wood flooring elasticity, heat preservation, cost performance ratio is not inferior to solid wood flooring, both have their merits.


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