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Development Direction Of China's Future Wood Flooring Industry
- Mar 08, 2018 -

First, to the scale, standardization, science and Technology, environmental protection, the direction of the development of services.

Second, through scientific and technological means to gradually improve the use of wood flooring, improve the size of wood flooring stability, so that more wear-resistant wood, beautiful, fire-resistant, waterproof, anti-static and so on.

Third, the surface processing of solid wood flooring will appear in various forms, such as the use of high wear-resistant superficial paint or use of wear-resistant transparent materials to cover the surface.

Four, composite wood flooring (laminate flooring and parquet) will become the development trend of wood flooring industry, composite wood flooring in the future, the main combination of wood and other materials of the composite, high-quality hardwood and fast-growing wood composite, high-quality wood scraps and small diameter wood by processing into specifications and composite into the floor, Do not feel the raw material through the modification of processing into flooring, high-quality flooring composite, high-quality wood and wood-based panels, and so on. Composite wood flooring can not only effectively save wood resources, but also has environmental advantages, I believe that with the world's further development of environmental trends, composite wood flooring will also be faster development.

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