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How To Install Composite Decking
- Feb 26, 2019 -

Installation Suggestions

Before starting construction think carefully of the location, design, and purpose of the deck you wish to build. By making a design and estimating the materials required, you can save time and money, and the job will go much faster. You should consult your local building code authorities before beginning. Basic construction skills are required. You may wish to consult a contractor. There are also reference books or websites for ideas. A well built deck will be a valuable asset to your home.

Tools Required

  • levels

  • hammer and drill

  • saws

  • measuring tapes

  • chalk line

  • galvanized or stainless steel nails or screws. Note: If you are using an ACQ treated sub-structure, this is very important because the chemicals can corrode other fasteners. Stainless steel fasteners should never be used where they may come in contact with galvanized fasteners or brackets.

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