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Simple Analysis Of Wood-plastic Floor Price For You
- Mar 01, 2019 -

The characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving and resource recycling of wood-plastic materials are widely spread in the industry, but its expensive price is prohibitive. As a floor, why is the price of wood-plastic floor so much higher than that of solid wood floor? So today, Dayi wood-plastic knitting will introduce to you the reasons why the price of our wood-plastic floor is so high from three aspects:

1. Environmental protection performance is excellent. Wood-plastic floor materials are high-density fibre composite materials, which do not contain toxic substances and dangerous chemical composition, preservatives, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances release, will not cause air pollution and environmental pollution, can be 100% recycled and re-processed. It is a wood-plastic with excellent environmental protection performance.

2. Experience is quite high. Wood-plastic floor has the natural appearance and texture of wood, and is better than wood size stability, no wood scars, no cracks, warping, deformation and other issues. Wood-plastic floor has a variety of colors, no secondary painting can also be long-term fresh and fadeless. Wood-plastic floor can resist static electricity, ultraviolet radiation, insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, high temperature of 75 - 40, low temperature, perfect users. There is no doubt about enjoyment.

3. Significant social benefits. With the continuous construction of various projects in our country, steel and bamboo timber used in building formwork is huge, and the waste of resources is astonishing. The raw materials of wood plastic are plastics and wood fibers, which will not waste the resources of steel and bamboo timber in our country. The social benefits of replacing traditional building formwork with wood and plastic building formwork are undoubtedly enormous.

In summary, we can know that the price of wood-plastic flooring is slightly higher than other flooring because of the special quality that different profiles do not have, but one price and one purchase. The investment in wood-plastic flooring is just for better user experience. Star wood-plastic profiles provide you with more knowledge about wood-plastic flooring and look forward to your cooperation.

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