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Detailed Description Of The Advantages Of Wood-Plastic Flooring
- Mar 15, 2019 -

Wood-plastic floor has low-carbon green environmental protection performance: Wood-plastic floor does not contain any toxic and harmful substances, no pollution, no radiation, is a green environmental protection building materials. Secondly, wood-plastic floor has excellent performance: not afraid of earthquake, not afraid of impact, not afraid of fire, not afraid of bubbles, not afraid of acid and alkali, sound insulation, thermal insulation, flame retardant, hard texture, wood-plastic floor has eight anti-fire, waterproof, shock, explosion, crack, anti-corrosion, moth, aging and other anti-function.

Thirdly, the wood-plastic floor has the characteristics of sound insulation and heat insulation: the wood-plastic floor has multi-layer structure, which can keep warm and heat insulation, and meets the national requirements for building energy conservation. Fourth, the strength of wood-plastic floor is higher: high hardness, strong bearing capacity, anti-aging. According to the test, it is estimated that the aging resistance can reach more than 100 years. Fifth, lighter weight: 32.5 kilograms per square metre of wallboard weight is only 1/11 of the weight of traditional red brick wall weight. According to the calculation of the normal 24_thick wall 355.5/, it is a tunnel lightweight wall material.

Sixth, the wall made of wood-plastic floor is thinner: compared with wood brick structure, wood-plastic floor can expand the area of use by about 20%. The calculation is based on the usual 24_thick wall. Seventh, the installation of wood-plastic flooring is easier: the combination of plate installation is fast and convenient, which can improve the work efficiency by 3-5 times, and has the advantages of nailing, sawing, drilling, planer and sticking.

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