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Three Methods Of Laying Wood-plastic Floor
- Mar 16, 2019 -

1. Wood-plastic flooring usually starts to match the walls of a room. Consider whether wood-plastic flooring is placed at the entrance of the room or more comfortably on other walls. Assuming that the wood-plastic floor is in quality, the color depth is different. Wood-plastic flooring with good quality, wood-plastic flooring with fixed color, should be placed in the center of the room and prominent as far as possible.

2. Wood-plastic flooring should be laid very neatly and smoothly and compactly. If the starting point of the wood-plastic floor or the solid tenon groove of the wood-plastic floor are perfectly made, the floor will be very neat.

3. Wood-plastic flooring, all four major wood-plastic flooring plates and four temporary limb angles of wood-plastic flooring should be kept parallel and perpendicular to each other. Wood-plastic flooring should not be misplaced on the area with minor faults. The texture of wood-plastic floor should pay special attention to the consistency of wood-plastic floor in horizontal and vertical directions, in order to avoid inappropriate influence.

The core design of a good-looking wood-plastic floor needs to be laid on the axis of the wood-plastic floor, and the axis of the wood-plastic floor is laid on the floor. In particular, the number of mobile devices for wood-plastic flooring here depends on the number of rooms, and more importantly, the axis of wood-plastic flooring design.

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