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Do You Choose WPC Floor Or Floor Tile?
- Oct 30, 2018 -

1, WPC floor is cheaper than floor tiles.

The floor is the latest popular decoration material, which is cheaper than the traditional floor tiles. If decoration floor want to save money, but also need to consider the home decoration style, according to the decoration style to choose the appropriate floor.

The  WPC floor and floor tiles are more economical in the whole process of decoration and maintenance. If there is floor heating in the home, if there is a problem, the floor is removed and repaired, for assembly, now many of the floor splicing glue-free keel, very much, with the lock technology. The floor tiles should be broken and re paved so that they need to be re purchased.

2. Plan floor laying area reasonably and purchase on demand.

In order to reduce the waste of  WPC floor in the process of decoration, it is best to plan the floor area, plus the amount of loss, in the selection, to prevent excessive floor purchase and waste. Floor laying methods commonly used: 369 and 1/2 two. Laying method of 369 is a stepped slot structure, usually saving material, material loss is about 3%; Half of the loss is the largest, about 5% higher, but this kind of paving ground neat, symmetrical, better visual effect.

3. Planning flooring and accessories to save money.

 WPC floor paving accessories are floor nails, no head nails, floor glue, damp-proof mat, return door strip; if the floor is a keel to the need for an additional keel and so on. Floor accessories occupy a very important position in the pavement of the floor, floor after-sales problems are mostly directly related to the floor accessories. Therefore, the purchase of good floor accessories can save future maintenance costs.


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