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Five Tips On How To Clean Plastic Wood Floors
- Jun 29, 2018 -

As plastic wood floor is recognized by everybody, a lot of private residence begins to choose plastic wood floor.When all sorts of besmirch appears on the surface of model wooden floor, a lot of people do not know how to clear model wooden floor.Tongxiang Dayi plastic wood factory through the summary, sorted out 5 ways to share.

Method 1. If there is dust or dirt on the plastic wooden floor, clean it directly with a broom or hard brush and rinse it with cold water.

Method 2. If there are grease stains on the plastic wood floor, clean with oil remover detergent and rinse with heat.

Method 3. If plastic wood floor with the trace of color pen marks or other color, using hot soapy water and bleach to clean, but this method does not remove them completely, so do not use in plastic wood floor above the oil color pen or other products.

Method 4. If the residual dirt, rust stains, plastic wood floor above with oxalic acid or phosphoric acid cleaning products for cleaning, but this method is only reduce stain, it is difficult to remove them completely.

Method 5. If the plastic wood floor is covered with fruit juice and wine, mix bleach with hot water, then gently wipe the stain and rinse with hot water.

Above is the small make up of Tongxiang Dayi model wood floor some clean up method, hope to be able to meet above problem when everybody, help everybody to undertake model model wood floor clean up in time.If you need more information about plastic wood flooring, please contact us at 86-573-88519088 or Mobile:86-15105832007

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