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History Of The Wood Flooring
- Mar 08, 2018 -

Chinese wood flooring Although started late, but rapid development, in just 20 years of time has formed a variety of types, many specifications, from production to sales, laying, after-sales service matching, with an irregular scale of the industrial system. The development process of China's wood flooring industry has experienced the following three stages:

The early 80 to the early 90. In the first 10, the market on the main wood is not painted on the wood floor block (commonly known as the plate), this period of the plate size is small, more flat connection floor.

Two, the early 90 to 1994. In this period the market appeared with the paint of the wooden floor, there are rolling paint, paint two processes; small size of the floor gradually reduced, accounting for the dominant market position for the medium-long specifications of the floor; In addition, the market on the wood flooring species rich a lot, the emergence of bamboo flooring, three-storey parquet and multi-layer parquet flooring.

Third, 1994 to present. 1994, impregnated paper laminated wooden flooring (commonly known as laminate flooring) into the Chinese market, began to import products, mainly imported from Europe, German enterprises in the majority of products; In 1996, China began to produce its own laminate flooring; In recent years, the market has been the emergence of finger-flooring, laminated wood flooring and bamboo laminate flooring, Stone-plastic flooring and other new products, including bamboo flooring and stone-plastic flooring in the initial stage has not formed a mass production, other products are showing a gradual growth trend.

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