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How To Avoid The Defect Of Plastic Wood Floor?
- Mar 30, 2018 -

With the more extensive application of the plastic wood floor to outdoor landscape, municipal engineering, people believe that there are the following disadvantages: the plastic wood flooring faded, the plastic wood floor deformed.In essence, the defects of plastic wood floor cannot be called a defect, because it is completely avoided.

First, plastic wood floor shortcomings of plastic wood fade problem is related to use of paint, unlike use cheap paint plastic wood floor manufacturer,the Dayi plastic wood uses the plastic wood pigment from Hangzhou Huayuan. high quality raw materials to ensure plastic wood floor it is hard to fade.

Secondly, the plastic wood floor defect of the plastic floor deformation problem is with the use of plastic and installation.Some plastic wood floor manufacturer to reduce the production cost to purchase inferior plastic, cause plastic wood floor deformation problem is very serious.Dayi plastic wood uses grade one recycle  plastic, the high quality raw material greatly reduces the plastic wood floor deformation problem and the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction.It is worth noting that the plastic wood floor deformation and install also have relations, plastic wood floor installation to ensure that the ground level, when the gaps between the floor and the floor and the gap at the top of the floor and walls.

It is believed that through the above description, we will guide you to avoid the defects of plastic wood floor.If you have any questions about the defects of the plastic wood floor, please call the 24-hour hotline: 0086-15105832007


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