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How To Install The Plastic-wood Handrail?The Dayi Plastic Wood Teaches You Free
- Jul 10, 2018 -

The client who is not familiar with plastic wood balustrade material often asks: how to install plastic wood balustrade armrest?As a professional manufacturer of plastic-wood handrail, Dayi plastic wood has 10 years of experience in installing plastic-wood handrail.

First, the connection between the plastic wood railing handrail and the plastic wood column is fixed by the L-type stainless steel horned horse. This connection is simple and quick, but some customers think it is not very beautiful.

Second, plastic wood handrail and plastic wood column connection with the method of opening, this way although the trouble, but beautiful at the same time save procurement costs, but the carpenter master craftsmanship is very demanding, opening to precision.

Third, plastic wood handrail and plastic wood column connection using special fittings, Dayi plastic wood to provide clients with professional fittings, plastic wood armrest problems when installed cost is slightly higher compared to the other.


Through the above introduction, we know how to install the handrail of plastic wood balustrade, as to which kind of installation method the customer needs to decide.If in doubt, call the 24-hour hotline 0086-15105832007.At the same time, Dayi plastic wood provides free on-site construction guidance for plastic wood handrail handrails.

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