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How To Lay Laminate Flooring
- Apr 01, 2018 -

Flooring laying requires a smooth, dry and clean floor. The gap between the door leaf and the base level should be enough to cover the floor, the door leaf can be switched freely, at least 15mm, if not enough, the door leaf should be removed first, and the underside of the door fan should be shaved off.

           In order to improve the soundproofing effect of the floor and eliminate the influence of small flaws on the grass-roots level, it is better to lay a layer of non-woven fabric or thin foamed plastic, felt, etc. on the base level as a cushion. It is better to add one at the bottom of the room. Layers of plastic film to prevent moisture. The laying direction of the cushion material should be perpendicular to the floor laying direction.

           Laying the floor should be trial shop, trial method is as follows:

           Place the groove of the first plate toward the wall, and use a special wooden wedge between the plate and the wall (two wooden wedges per plate) to leave a gap of 10mm as the expansion joint, the first plate Azimuth must be accurate, if necessary, can be struck on the cushion reference. Then, the second groove is connected to the flange of the first plate (without gluing) and is attached to the wall edge in this way. When installing a plate close to a wall, take an entire plate, one end against the wall (with a wooden wedge to leave a 10mm gap), place it parallel to the previously placed plate cymbal, and then use a square on the plate. Dash, shun the line with a wood saw to saw it broken, turn it 180 degrees and put it to the end of the board line. If the length of the cut-out part is greater than 300mm, it can be used for the first board in the next row. After placing two rows, carefully adjust the position of each board. After you think it is correct, you can formally lay it.

           When it is formally laid, the special glue is evenly applied to the upper end face of the two vertical and horizontal heads of the plate, and then the groove of the floor is closely connected with the convex cymbal of the previous plate, and it can be paved with the special wooden block and hammer. The floor is tightly squeezed and the squeezed glue should be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

When installing the last floor of each row, it is best to use a special hook and use a hammer to tap the tabs on the hook to tighten the board.

           The last line can be installed as follows:

Take an entire board and place it on the pre-installed floor. Align it up and down. Then take another board and put it on it (long side against the wall), then draw the board along the edge of the board, and follow the wire saw. Open, that is to obtain the required width of the floor, after gluing it with a special hook to compress it. If there is no special hook, you can put the wooden wedge first, then squeeze the floor.

If there is a pipe protruding out of the ground during construction, a floor must be opened at the place. The size of the opening should be 10mm between the plate and the pipe. The sawn pieces of the floor can be used for filling.

At the end of the floor, aluminum alloy or brass beading is used to seal the edge. The floor should be left with 10mm gap in the bead. Two communicating rooms, such as the floor laying direction perpendicular to each other, should be set at the door to the pressure layer, both sides of the floor should be left in the pressure

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