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How To Repair Laminate Flooring
- Apr 01, 2018 -

First, preparation: Before the repair, you must first prepare soft brush, water sandpaper, crystal floor oil and other tools.

Second, start work: to find scratches on the wear of the wooden floor, for the wooden floor has been worn, first wet sand water with a matte paper to slightly grind the surface of the wooden floor, but do not grind too deep, do not wet the wooden floor surface, and then use Dry cloth wipes its net. If you want to re-play the crystal, you must first grind the old crystal completely, absorb the dust of the net wood, and wipe the old wooden rake completely dry with a damp cloth. After the wooden floor is completely dry, use a soft hair brush to evenly coat the crystal oil. On this wooden floor, it will only completely dry out in a matter of hours.

Third, if the scratches on the wooden floor are deep (the scratch color will be deepened and become more obvious with a wet cloth), it can only be solved by sanding the paint, and the wood flooring company will look for a refurbishment worker to handle it:

1 Using a large-scale grinding machine to grind rough-medium-fine-numbered steps to completely remove the old paint on the wooden floor, and to grind and smooth the wooden floor, and then use the filtered fine wood chips to adjust Bonner's putty. Sew, polish, brush primer, polish, brush two top coats, handle, wood flooring looks better than new ones.

2 floor paint must use professional wooden floor paint, so it is enough wear-resistant, wooden floor life is long, with ordinary paint, then just look good, but with the first half will give a step out of the road.

3 Also, because the amount of wood floor paint is very large, a little bit of harmful substances will accumulate, and it will cause harm to the human body. The lightest ones will also damage the body's immune system and make people easily sick. So be sure to use environmentally-friendly wood. Floor paint, preferably water-based paint.

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