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Is Wood Plastic Eco Wood Floor Suitable For Ground Heating?
- Jan 28, 2019 -

Of course, now even if it is not a wood-plastic eco-wood composite floor, it can also be used for geothermal flooring, and wood-plastic floor applied to the location has the following advantages.

1: Slow heat dissipation, high heat preservation performance.

2: Heat conduction is faster than common composite floor.

Like many people in the home are scattered to lay, it may be that the living room is tile, bedroom is floor, then you will find that when geothermal air supply, ceramic tile heat is fast, floor heat is slow, and ceramic tile heat dissipation is fast, floor heat dissipation is slow, and wood plastic floor is just the middle value of the two.

3: Wood plastic flooring is not deformed, bulging or expanding in case of water. It has been popular as early as abroad. However, there are few professional wood-plastic interior flooring in China, most of which are of Grade E1, but the quality is not up to Grade E1. Moreover, if the price of wood-plastic ecological wood flooring is 1-2 times that of ordinary flooring, it is the reason why people seldom use indoor wood plastic flooring. After all, the price is decided. Customer's purchase mentality.


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