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Market Demand Forecast Of Plastic Wood Materials(I)
- Sep 24, 2018 -

According to the characteristics of wood plastic composites, we can draw the following conclusions:

1, wood plastic composites can replace or replace wood in part.

2. China's forest stock accounts for only 2.9% of the world's total, far from meeting the needs of 22% of the world's population. The market is in urgent need of a product to replace wood.

3, the demand for forest products is increasing continuously due to the rapid development of China's economy, and the contradiction between supply and demand is increasingly prominent. At present, the world's per capita annual consumption of timber 0.58 cubic meters, and China's only 0.29 cubic meters, China's annual demand for forest and its products converted into reserves of more than 300 million cubic meters, and the annual reasonable supply of existing forest resources accounts for only about 60% of the demand.


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