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Overview Of Composite Wood Flooring
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Composite wood flooring is divided into multi-storey wooden floor and three floors of wood flooring. The three-layer composite wood flooring is composed of three layers of solid wood veneer interlaced lamination, the surface of which is mostly valuable and high-quality perennial hardwood, wood species used oak, birch, Manchurian ash, green handle mulberry, Burma eggplant, pineapple grid, teak and so on. But because of its unique texture and cost-effective, oak has become the most popular tree species. Core layer is composed of ordinary soft and miscellaneous specifications of wood slats, tree species used pine, poplar and so on; the bottom layer for rotary veneer, tree species used poplar, birch and pine. The three-layer structure board is laminated with glue, and the multi-layer composite wood floor is laminated with the multi-layer plywood as the base and the specifications of hard laminated panels or veneers as the panel.

Composite wood flooring is the most important floor type in the current building materials market. In the modern home decoration, the market share of composite wood flooring is as high as 60%.

Classification of composite wood flooring

According to the surface layer material is divided into: solid wood veneer as the surface of the composite wood floor, veneer as the surface of the composite wood floor;

According to the structure: three storey composite wooden floor, plywood as the substrate of multi-storey composite wood flooring;

According to whether or not the surface is painted, the composite wood flooring is painted, and the composite wood floor is not painted.

According to the floor lacquer technology, the surface is made of wood veneer, composite wood flooring and printed composite wood flooring.


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