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Plastic Wood Hollow Floor And Plastic Wood Solid Floor Which Good
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Many customers will often ask such questions as: plastic wood hollow floor and plastic wood solid floor which good?Actually both in hollow plastic wood floor and solid plastic wood floor with fire waterproof, green environmental protection, recycling, wood texture is superior to the performance, such as in the park scenic area, residential property, road, pro level units such as outdoor place everywhere.

Plastic wood hollow floor and plastic wood solid floor which good?The difference between them is mainly influenced by two factors.First: the place where to installation, if it is in the place of large flow of people and gathering of people, consider choosing the solid floor of plastic wood with high bearing capacity or the hollow circular hole wood floor with standard wall thickness.If installed in a place where few people walk, choose plastic wood hollow floor.Second: keel material, if steel keel is chosen, the customer is generally advised to choose plastic wood solid floor, but whether steel keel or plastic wood keel, the best spacing is between 30cm and 35cm.

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