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The Comparison Between Plastic Wood Floor And Real Wood Floor
- Jul 23, 2018 -

As the understanding of consumer to plastic wood floor, can compare plastic wood floor and real wood floor in the process that decorate.But consider only from price factor, consumer can choose real wood floor.Below Dayi Wood&plastic company is compared from 3 respects, will plastic wood floor and real wood floor undertake comparative, the understanding that helps a consumer more comprehensive thereby plastic wood floor and real wood floor.

1. Comparison of raw materials.Plastic wood floor raw materials are mainly wood powder and PE plastic, high temperature extrusion of the new green environmental protection profile.Real wood floor is the ground adornment material that natural wood is formed after drying, processing, avirulent.

2. Physical performance comparison.Plastic wood floor surface has different groove surface, increase friction coefficient, prevent slippery, because this plastic wood floor is used in domestic outfit in the balcony, kitchen, toilet.Real wood floor surface can undertake polishing processing, the surface is smooth, easy slippery fall, use in indoor and sitting room wait for a place.

3.After-treatment maintenance comparison.Plastic wood floor has waterproof,high strength,high rigidity,stable color,anti-corrosion,anti-deformation,worm damage resistance,heat insulation,cracking resistance,easy installation , just  need to deal with dirt simply only can.Real wood floor is not waterproof, need to undertake wiping treatment with dry cloth.Simultaneous ventilation.

Believe to pass the comparison of above 3 respects, consumer already knew more plasticl wood floor and real wood floor.If you want to know more information about plastic wood flooring, or the specific price of plastic wood flooring, welcome to call the 24-hour free consultation hotline 86-15105832007, or use QQ Number:57736507 to talk online.

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