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The Definition And Characteristic Of WPC(one)
- Aug 15, 2018 -

Wood Plastic composite material (Wood Plastic Composites, WPC) at home and abroad is booming in recent years a new type of composite materials, the use of PE plastic instead of the usual resin adhesive, with over 50% of Wood powder blend into a new wooden material, then through extrusion production of the sheet or shaped.Mainly used in building materials, furniture, logistics packaging and other industries.After plastic and wooden powder material mix by certain proportion, the sheet that through hot extrusion molding, call extrude wood  plastic compound sheet.

main features

WPC is based on high density PE and wood fiber, which determine its own properties of plastics and wood.

1) good machining performance

The wood-plastic composite material contains plastics and fibers. Therefore, it has similar processing performance with wood. It can be saw, nailed and planed.Mechanical properties are superior to wooden materials.The nailing force is usually three times that of wood and five times that of chipboard.

2) good strength performance

The wood-plastic composite material contains plastics and therefore has a good elastic modulus.In addition, because contain fiber and mix with plastic adequately, have as good as hardwood so physics mechanical property such as bear pressure, resist bending, and its durability is apparent surer than common lignin material.High surface hardness, generally 2-5 times of wood.

3) with water and corrosion resistance and long service life

Compared with wood, wood-plastic materials and products can resist strong acid and alkali, water and corrosion, and do not reproduce bacteria, not susceptible to moth, not long fungi.Long service life, up to 50 years.


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