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The Development Course Of Composite Wallboard
- Mar 08, 2018 -

China since ancient times, dig to the traditional brick, with the national energy-saving emission reduction related to the spirit, for the development of new wall materials of the "11th Five-Year" goal, adjusting the industry structure, saving land and energy resources, protect the environment, in line with the strategic objectives of sustainable development to achieve national comprehensive disable solid clay bricks at the end of 2005, which is a symbol of our country wall reform has entered a new stage. Therefore, new wall materials have come into being. After the reform of the early development of the emergence of every kind of wall material such as aerated brick, hollow board, gypsum board, magnesite board, cement brick and other typical materials. Although each type of product has its own characteristics, it has its own space in the market. But the market demand is more demanding of a new partition material which can integrate the characteristics of all kinds of materials together. In this environment, the lightweight composite functional wallboard is born.

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