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The Development Prospect Of Composite Wallboard
- Mar 08, 2018 -

According to statistics, the use of light wall materials can save about 30% of the total cost, and the construction efficiency of plate wall is more than 3 times higher than that of brick and brick wall. The proportion of wall panels in the world's advanced countries and regions is 72% in Japan, 69% in Europe and the United States, 60% in Hongkong, and 46% in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. In China, the use of new wall panels is only about 10%. The great demand of Chinese building materials and the wide use of new type of plate in Europe and America indicate the great potential of new wall materials in China.

During the years of development of light weight wall panels, manufacturers have different opinions on future market development trend. There are various kinds of light wallboards, and the quality of products has gradually widened by the strength of product development. The mainstream technology is mature, fireproof, time saving, labor saving, anti permeability, sound insulation, practical adaptability and so on. High quality lightweight wall, light weight composite wall panel (industry code FPB) is chosen as the first choice product in the industry.

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