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The Difference Between PE Wood Plastic And PVC Wood Plastic
- May 13, 2018 -

Difference between PE Wood Plastic and PVC Wood Plastic

First, the system of law is different:

The preparation of PE wood-plastic products mainly adopts cold push method;

The preparation of PVC wood-plastic products can be divided into vacuum forming, cold pushing and three-roll suppression.

Second, different raw materials:

PE wood plastic material is mainly PE particles plus wood flour, calcium powder and a small amount of modifier;

PVC wood plastic material is mainly PVC resin powder, PVC recycling material, wood flour, stone powder and some modifiers and so on.

Third, the performance is different:

PE wood plastic products, high hardness, brittle, strong plasticity;

PVC wood plastic products are light in weight, poor in hardness, good in toughness and creep.

Fourth, the use of different:

PE wood-plastic products are mainly based on outdoor garden construction, such as cliff fences, outdoor flooring, pavilion flower racks, flower box tree pool, trash cans and other outdoor landscape materials.

PVC wood plastic products are mainly interior decoration materials, such as doors, floors, baseboards, door covers and so on.

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