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The Fundamental Way To Prevent The Discoloration Of Wood
- May 31, 2018 -

The fundamental way to prevent the discoloration of wood is to limit the generation and presence of external factors, remove or block the discoloration components inside the wood, and change the structure of the discoloration components. For the prevention of chemical discoloration such as photochromism, acid-base discoloration, iron discoloration, and enzymatic discoloration, the external factors are mainly blocked by means of paint film coating, or discoloration components in the wood are eliminated or modified by soaking in a solvent, chemical treatment or the like. The prevention of photochromism includes: blocking ultraviolet rays, changing the structure of light-absorbing components, isolating oxygen and capturing free radicals, destroying the structure of substances involved in discoloration, and removing discolored precursors. For the prevention of enzyme discoloration, reduce the activity of the enzyme and isolate the oxygen, such as acid-base treatment to adjust the pH value, change the protein properties by boiling, high-frequency heating, inhibit the phenol enzyme activity with antioxidants, and isolate the oxygen by water. For the prevention of biological discoloration, change or destroy environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, pH, oxygen, and nutrient content that are suitable for the survival of microorganisms or organisms, such as water spray preservation, plastic sealing, and chemical agent treatment.

There are many theoretical researches and treatment methods to prevent the discoloration of wood, but most of the existing technology for preventing wood discoloration does not have permanent effects, some discoloration (such as blue change) is extremely fast, and the depth of processing, material effects, economic costs, etc. Limit the practical application. The research and development of low-toxic or non-toxic, high-efficiency, multi-functional anti-tarnish agents is still an important research direction to prevent wood discoloration

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