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The Future Floor Will Become The Mainstream Of Home Improvement
- May 31, 2018 -

The floor tiles will exit the main stage of home improvement within five years, and the wooden floor will replace it. Psychological experts suggest that home-made wood floors can reduce noise and make people feel more relaxed than paving bricks. It is a stress-reducing role for urbanites who are increasingly stressed. So is it true that the tiles will be far away from home improvement? Pursuing a more environmentally-friendly and comfortable living environment is the common wish of today's urban people. The effect of home improvement is more and more comprehensive.

After careful calculation, it was found that for a piece of ceramic tiles priced at 300 yuan plus 40 yuan in labor costs, the price could buy one square meter of excellent wood species, or 3-5 square meters of laminate flooring, then the price was equal. Under the conditions, choosing a wood floor is certainly more cost-effective than a floor tile. Wooden flooring can absorb moisture, especially for those who live on the first floor. It is most appropriate to use wood flooring. In the winter, there will be no cold and cold feeling in the home. The tiles will not absorb moisture and the room will be colder when the humidity in winter increases. In addition, the wooden floor is more friendly, and the children are willing to run around with bare feet.

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