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The Price Of Plastic Wood Floor Is Lower Than That Of Anti-corrosive Wood
- Apr 09, 2018 -

People often think that the plastic wood floor is more expensive than the antiseptic wood floor.Actually this is to plastic wood floor does not understand to cause, now Dayi wpc factory tells everybody: plastic wood floor price is lower than the price of anti corrosive wood floor.The following Dayi wpc decking factory  from the plastic wood floor life, maintenance, profile loss three aspects to explain.

1. Plastic wood floor has a life span of more than 10 years, which can be reused;In contrast, the anti-corrosion wood floor needs to be replaced in 2-3 years, or repainting and other maintenance measures, which increases the later cost and reduces the profit margin of the customer.

2. The plastic wood floor needs no late maintenance;Anti-corrosion wood floor after high temperature, easy to appear crack, drop paint and so on phenomenon, need to undertake repaint or replace wait for later maintenance measure, increase cost.

3. During the reproduction process of the plastic wood floor, the length customization service can be carried out, and direct construction and installation of the construction site saves the manpower and material resources.By contrast, the size of the anti-corrosion wood floor is fixed, and the secondary cutting should be done again during construction to increase the loss of materials.

Through the above three aspects of analysis, you can understand why plastic wood floor price is lower than the price of anti-corrosion wood floor.We provide the price list, specification sheet and related engineering case pictures for free. Meanwhile, we provide the installation guide of the plastic wood floor for free.

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