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The Storage And Maintenance Of WPC Decking
- Dec 24, 2018 -

If we want to know the storage and maintenance of WPC Decking, We should to understand a few characteristics of plastic wood composite decking firstly.

It because wpc decking is to be in the natural fiber such as wood fiber was wrapped around a plastic layer, the bibulous rate of plastic wood composite decking is very low.it is suitable for waterfront landscape.

If the plastic wood composite decking compared with normal lumber ,the density of wpc decking is heavier than normal lumber, the density of wpc decking is normaly in  1.1 to 1.25, the density of normal lumber is 0.4~0.7, even if the hardwood with larger specific gravity, the density is in about 1.0 only.So plastic wood composite decking is much heavier if in the same volume.In order to reduce the weight of plastic wood composite  decking products, foaming, changing section shape of profile and designing structure can be adopted.

1. The storage method of plastic wood composite decking:

Wood plastic composite decking can be bend by heating.And plastic wood composite decking can be bend to a certain extent.So long-term storage, should pay attention to the flat ground, to prevent deformation.

2: how to maintenance the wpc decking:

In view of the advantage of wood plastic composite decking, although be in outdoor wind and sunshine, plastic wood composite decking also won't corrupt, broken or produce crack, still have besides fight ultraviolet ray ability, so plastic wood composite decking does not need special maintenance.This makes the future management of plastic wood products very easy.

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