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Types Of Waterproofing Composite Floor
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Waterproof composite flooring is waterproof because the waterproof layer is added, and the grooves and tenons of the waterproof composite flooring are sealed with biowax, forming a balance between the interior and exterior of the flooring, which not only prevents the invasion of moisture, but also prevents and decomposes harmful free substances in the interior of the substrate. There are mainly two kinds of waterproof composite floor, one is reinforced composite floor, the other is solid wood composite flooring.

1, reinforced composite floor consists of wearable layer, decorative layer, base material layer and balance layer four layers. Among them, the wear-resistant layer is mainly covered by the amount of aluminum oxide on the surface to determine the level of wear resistance, which is also the biggest feature of reinforced composite floor. The laminated flooring belongs to wood-based panel. Its balance layer is formed by pressing under high temperature and pressure. It has good stability, easy installation and treatment. Reinforced composite floor is often used for decoration in living rooms because of its wear-resistance. The laminated flooring substrate is made of medium and high density boards with small relative density and high expansion coefficient. Once the flooring is paved, if it is not wiped in time, it is easy to foam and deform due to water swelling. Its moisture resistance is not strong, and its stability is poor in moist environment.

2, solid wood flooring has three floors, five storey and multi-storey, each layer of the board of fiber Criss Cross. This not only counteracts the internal stress of wood, but also changes the unidirectional characteristics of wood, so that the floor becomes isotropic. Therefore, the stability is quite good, and it is not easy to deform and crack. Solid wood composite flooring not only retains the natural texture of the surface of solid wood flooring, environmental protection, foot comfort characteristics; but also has the advantages of abrasion resistance, good maintenance of composite flooring, price between solid wood flooring and laminated flooring. The stability characteristics of parquet make it very suitable for floor heating home decoration. Parquet is used for decoration in living room, bedroom, study room and so on.

Strictly speaking, no floor can be used blisters, so far there is no real waterproof floor, for waterproof composite floor, the waterproof performance of reinforced composite floor is relatively poor, while wood composite floor waterproof performance is better, a small amount of water immersion in a short time is not affected. If solid wood flooring meets water, just water dry and ventilation for a while. Although the bottom layer of waterproof composite floor has waterproof and moisture-proof functions, it is not suitable to be used in bathrooms, bathrooms and other long-term humid places.


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