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What Are The Advantages Of Plastic Wood Lock Flooring?
- Oct 30, 2018 -

1, safety and environmental protection

All kinds of main and auxiliary materials used in plastic wood lock flooring are non-toxic and environmentally-friendly materials. Formaldehyde content and solid wood and wood composite flooring and laminated flooring, can be called "zero formaldehyde floor".

2. Abrasion resistance and fire resistance

Compared with solid wood flooring, wood composite flooring and laminated flooring, plastic wood lock flooring has super wear resistance and fire resistance.

3. Weathering and corrosion resistance

Plastic wood lock flooring has excellent mechanical properties, its durability is much higher than solid wood and wood composite flooring and laminated flooring; not easy to deformation, durable. Not afraid of insects, not afraid of the erosion of various corrosive substances, even in the harsh outdoor environment can be used "safe and sound".


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