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What Are The Characteristics Of Lightweight Composite Wall Panels?
- Oct 13, 2018 -

1. Composite wall panel Energy-saving, environmental protection, green environmental protection, no harmful substances, no radioactive, reusable, do not produce construction waste, widely used in various places.

2. Composite wall panel Fire resistance at 1000 degrees Celsius for more than 4 hours, and does not emit toxic gases, incombustibility up to the national A-level standards.

3. Composite wall panel Increase the thickness of the wall material in the use area between 60-180 mm, compared with the traditional masonry wall thickness greatly saved building space.

4. Composite wall panel Dampproof and waterproof in containers without any waterproof finishes, without any leakage, with good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, suitable for factory buildings, toilets, basements and other humid areas

5. Composite wall panel Compression, earthquake and impact resistance are assembled construction, and they are three-in-one structure. The slab and tenon are connected as a whole. The compression and seismic resistance and impact resistance all meet the national standards.

6. Composite wall panel Heat preservation and insulation wall material mainly uses the environmental protection and energy-saving material of freeze-proof and heat preservation, has the good heat insulation and heat preservation function, makes the indoor temperature maintain a constant level, makes the environment more comfortable.

7. Composite wall panel Can be nailed and pasted wallboard can be directly nailed or bolted to hang heavy objects, a single point hanging force of more than 50 kg, the surface of the wallboard smooth and smooth will not produce dust, can be directly pasted ceramic tiles, wallpaper, wood veneer board and other materials for finishing.


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