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What Is The Difference Between Wood Plastic Floor And Real Wood Floor?
- May 03, 2018 -

As wood-plastic floor becomes a hot new material, more and more people want to know it, but do not know what the difference between wood plastic floor and real wood floor?Below, the Dayi plastic wood gives you an example of the difference between them.

The difference between wood - plastic floor and real wood floor 1- material is different.  Wood-plastic floor is a kind of new environmental protection material, which is mainly made of wood, plastic and processing additives, and then heated and extruded by mold equipment after high temperature granulation.In essence, wood - plastic floor belongs to a synthetic material.

Real wood floor is a kind of natural adornment material: the floor that uses solid wood to make directly.

Wood plastic floor and real wood floor of distinction 2- physical performance is different.  Wood-plastic floor has waterproof, anti-corrosion, not crack, expansion, deformation, without maintenance and maintenance characteristics.  The real wood floor does not wash with water, avoid long time sun, need regular late maintenance.

Wood plastic floor and real wood floor distinguish 3- use area is different.  Wood-plastic floor is suitable for outdoor areas such as park, walkway, platform and open air. The superior physical properties make it the first push material for landscape designers, and the utilization rate exceeds the anti-corrosion wood floor.Real wood floor is suitable for use in indoor, it is the floor that must choose for home outfit, it is bedroom, sitting room, study and so on ground decorates ideal material.


courtyard composite deck


real wood floor

This is the difference between the wood - plastic floor and the real wood floor.If you need to know more about wood plastic floor, please contact us at 0086-15105832007

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