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What Outdoor Floor Are There In The Market?(I)
- Sep 20, 2018 -

1. Deep carbonization of outdoor wood flooring: through pyrolysis of wood at high temperatures to reduce the concentration of hydroxyl groups in wood components, thereby reducing the moisture absorption and internal stress of wood, to reduce wood deformation, improve wood corrosion resistance, inhibit the growth of decaying fungi, to achieve the purpose of weathering and corrosion resistance.

2. Antiseptic treatment of outdoor floors: in order to maintain the original strength and beauty of wood for a long time, antiseptic and ant-proof treatment was carried out. Under the precondition of strict quality management, the antiseptics such as CCA, CA and ACQ are injected under pressure to make the antiseptics penetrate deeply, and the penetrating chemicals can adhere tightly to the wood cells without loss, and the decaying fungi and termites are avoided, thus greatly improving the antiseptic and antiant effect will be maintained for a long time. Commonly used medicines are CCA, with CA (copper azole), ACQ, the latter two do not contain chromium, arsenic and organic phosphorus and other harmful substances, is a very safe water-soluble medicines.


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