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What's The Difference Between A Solid Wood Floor With A Lock And A Flat Floor?
- Jan 18, 2019 -

1. Rubber-free pavement

The ordinary flat-mouthed strengthened wood flooring needs to be joined by adhesives when paving, but the adhesives contain chemical ingredients such as formaldehyde, which are easy to cause indoor pollution when used more, and are afraid that the joints are not strong when used less. Because of the lock force, even if the floor is paved without glue, the joints of the locking floor are very close, and there will be no swelling or cracking due to the change of temperature.

2 Reuse

Because of the simple glue-free paving, easy to disassemble and reuse, it is especially suitable for temporary paving in exhibitions and stores. Generally, the floor can be used twice when moving at home. The new Kangyi series like Saint Elephant is the locking floor.

3. Stricter requirements for substrates

Locking force of lock floor mainly depends on the connection between enterprise mouth and tongue mortise. Because of the function of inverted mortise, in general, the elephant lock floor can withstand 450 kg to 1 ton of pulling force, so the density, expansion and relative humidity of the base material of lock floor should be kept stable.

4. Good overall paving effect

In the process of production, the lock floor adopts advanced laser calibration quality detection system, that is, laser automatic calibration, which avoids wave height difference and makes the mouth and tongue tenon more fine and smooth.

Lock floor replaces manual paving standard with industrial standard, which reduces the error of manual paving. When paving, the floor and floor can be grooved by tapping gently. Because of the lock force, the locking floor extends to all sides with the change of temperature, avoids local uplift, solves the problem of internal deformation, and has good overall paving effect.


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