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Wood Flooring Classification
- Mar 08, 2018 -

1, beautiful nature

Wood is natural, its ring, texture can often constitute a beautiful picture, give a person a return to nature, back to the basics of the feeling, regardless of texture are unique, widely loved by people.

2, pollution-free substances

Wood is the most typical dual-green products, there is no source of pollution, some of the wood has aromatic tincture, issued a healthy, soothing aroma; its epigenetic is highly susceptible to soil erosion absorption of organic fertilizers.

3, Light and strong

Generally, wood floats on water, with a few exceptions. In this way, the use of wood as building materials and metal building materials, stone compared to facilitate transport, laying, according to the experimental results show that the resistance of pine steel 3 times times, concrete 25 times times, Dali 50 times times, the pressure of marble 4 times times. Especially as the ground material (wood floor) is more able to reflect its advantages.

4. Easy to process

Wood can be arbitrarily sawing, planing, cutting, and even nails, so in building materials more flexible use, play its potential role, and metal concrete, stone, etc. because of the hardness, there is no such function, so the use of materials will also cause waste or appear unrealistic situation.

5, good insulation

Wood is not easy to heat conduction, the thermal conductivity of concrete is very high. The thermal conductivity of steel is 200 times times that of wood.

6, adjust the temperature

Wood can be hygroscopic and evaporated. The human body in the atmosphere of the most suitable humidity between the 60%~70%, the characteristics of wood properties can maintain moisture in the comfort of the human humidity in the range.

7, not easy condensation

Because the wood moisturizing, humidity-regulating performance than metal, stone or concrete strong. So when the weather is moist, or when the temperature drops will not produce a superficial dew-like sweating phenomenon. In this way, when wood is made of wood flooring, it will not cause unnecessary trouble because of slippery ground.

8. Strong durability

The seismic resistance of wood and the treatment of decay by technology no more than other building materials, there are many well-known old buildings through thousands of years of wind and rain still standing, many of the former wooden ship long soaked in the water to remain strong.

9. Mitigate impact

Wood and human impact, resistance is softer than other building materials, natural, beneficial to human health, protect the elderly and children's living safety.

10. Wood can be regenerated

Coal, petroleum, steel, wood are important human resources, including wood can be regenerated by planting. As long as the forest to protect the good, can be inexhaustible power.

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