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Wood Plastic Applications
- May 13, 2018 -

The application fields of wood-plastic profile products are very wide; as environmental protection calls more and more, finding alternatives for wood products has become an inevitable trend, building materials, home decoration, industrial products, storage logistics, etc., but wherever wood is used, Wood and plastic products can be used, and even some plastic products can be replaced. The products are widely covered in municipal construction, commercial infrastructure, high-end residential, industrial applications, electronic industry, petrochemical industry, logistics and warehousing. With its unique features designed specifically for different types of users.

       Wood-plastic profile products are mainly used in: 1: Building structural materials: indoor and outdoor all kinds of decking, fences, building templates, moisture barriers, staircases, handrails, doors and windows frames, platforms, water construction, road boards, wooden houses and so on. 2: On-vehicle applications: interior trim panels, floor panels, seat backs, instrument panels, handrails, seat bases, roof panels, etc. 3: The application of logistics: various specifications of the transport trays and export packaging trays, warehouse pallets, various types of packaging boxes, glass transport shelves. 4: Garden applications: various residential settings, outdoor tables and chairs, garden handrails and decorative panels, flower pots, open-air flooring, waste bins, pavilions and so on. 5: Application for interior decoration: various decorative strips, decorative panels, frame strips, curtain rods, curtain rings and decorative pieces, moving shutters, ceilings, and siding. 6: Others: outdoor dining tables, cabin dividers, train or truck compartment floors, toys, storage boxes, highway noise barriers, moving frames, etc.

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