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Wood Plastic Floor: Make The Floor More Comfortable Floor
- Aug 24, 2018 -

In the international community as the 21st century innovative technology of high-molecular wood-plastic flooring, will live in a healthy and comfortable, green, fashionable and beautiful, convenient decoration and so on in one, stand out by decoration enterprises and owners welcomed, become the protagonist of interior decoration. "Bailing Youle" wood-plastic flooring introduced by Changzhou Fenglin Decoration Material Management Department provides a new choice for Changzhou citizens as a new generation of floor decoration materials.

Wood-plastic composite floor has good performance, moisture and water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, tasteless, fungal inhibition, antistatic, moth-proof, paint-free, in line with human comfort. This kind of floor is mainly made of PVC. Its fire resistance and smoke density reach the national B1 level standard. It has super flame retardancy and increases the safety factor of human living. Especially for geothermal floor, the effect is very good. Japan, South Korea and North America have been widely adopted. The floor is absolutely formaldehyde free and free of benzene, which is an excellent choice for family decoration.

Wood-plastic flooring is a mixture of wood fiber and plastic heating materials, it is different from the past wood fiber and glue bonded into the ordinary floor. Plastic wood flooring uniform color, natural grain, showing a lifelike flavor of logs, can reflect the concept of personalized decoration. Wood-plastic flooring is the best substitute for solid wood flooring and composite flooring products, is strongly recommended by Japanese enterprises as a green floor. The utility model overcomes the defects of the solid wood floor and the strengthened floor, such as fear of water, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and plays a good role in substantially saving forest timber, reducing pollution and maintaining ecological balance. It is the most radical innovation and the most radical progress of the flooring industry. It can be widely used in indoor and outdoor places such as living room, toilet, conference room, stadium, park, etc.

With the high attention of consumers to indoor environmental pollution, wood-plastic flooring will replace non-waterproof, formaldehyde-containing strengthened flooring; not easy to maintain wear-resistant, easy deformation, installation of heavy lock solid wood flooring and become a new favorite of home decorative building materials.


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