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WPC Floor Installation Precautions
- May 13, 2018 -

One, railing construction points

       1. Some railings can be installed on the ground;

       2. Care should be taken to protect the surface of the wood-plastic material from being scratched during installation.

       3. To ensure the appearance of the strength when installing, pay attention to the position of the screw;

       4. For railings with radian requirements, the angle of the taro must be calculated;

       5. Pay attention to the beauty when installing the flower of the railing, and do not expose the screw holes as much as possible;

       6. Use glue to install the hat;

       7. For the rails with radian requirements, attention should be paid to symmetrical transitions;

       8. The characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction of wood and plastic should be taken into account during the splicing process, leaving room for retractable activities.

       9. Columns and roads can be installed on the ground surface of the steel embedded in the concrete, the bottom of the steel plate and then welded with the embedded steel plate, or bolts with bolts;

       10. When the total length of the railing is greater than 300 meters, consider the addition of a deformation transition pillar. 11. The specifications of the railing, the specifications of the selected railing and the span of the railing should closely match each other.

Second, the floor construction points

       1. Calculate load-bearing before construction of the floor;

       2. Some reinforcements can be reinforced with concrete contact beams and steel materials;

       3. Use steel reinforcement should pay attention not to destroy the original concrete structure defects;

       4. The distance between keels must be calculated accurately;

       5. The keel must be leveled;

       6. The keel and the ground shall be fastened with expansion screws;

       7. It is better to bury the keel in the concrete;

       8. Need to set aside the drain groove;

       9. Taking into account the characteristics of wood and plastic has a hot rise and shrinkage, so that the floor to stay in the expansion joints;

       10. The floor and keel must use stainless steel screws to fasten the crucible;

       11. Expansion joints shall be reserved in the longitudinal direction of the floor. The size of the gap shall be properly designed according to the temperature at the time of use, the expansion coefficient of the material, and the length of the material.

       12. The plate should be fastened with 2 stainless steel screws and keel;

       13. Because wood plastic has a slight thermal expansion and contraction characteristics, coupled with considerations such as cleaning and other reasons, when wood-plastic profiles are installed, there must be a proper gap between edge and edge, end-to-end;

       14. When installing wood-plastic flooring, it is best to install profiles on the keel;

       15. When there is an inclination between the profile and the keel, or if it is installed in the bath, please reduce the spacing of the keel by at least 10 cm.

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