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Composite Wood Flooring PK Solid Wood Flooring(I)
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Wood flooring refers to the wood made of the floor, the general home decoration commonly used wood flooring plain wood flooring, solid wood paint flooring, composite wood flooring and reinforced wood flooring.

From the sales volume of PK, composite wood floor consumption is a developing trend in the future. Real wood flooring prices have risen slightly this year, coupled with the state control of deforestation, logs rose and many other reasons for the decline in sales;

In terms of installation, PK, composite wood floor installation is convenient and fast, with short construction period and low cost. Solid wood flooring installation is more exquisite and more cumbersome, because to lay wooden keel, the construction period is longer, the cost is higher, and some problems often appear in the mixed construction;

From the price of pk, composite wood flooring prices to be reasonable, more suitable for ordinary people, especially young people. However, the price of wooden flooring has risen a little this year, which is already on the high side, and some annual maintenance costs should be added, which should be chosen at the discretion of the economic conditions.


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