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Outdoor Plastic Wood Floor Renderings And Specifications
- Mar 30, 2018 -

For those who seldom use outdoor plastic wood floor, often ask the manufacturer to provide the outdoor plastic wood floor renderings and specifications for reference.Outdoor plastic wood flooring is mainly used in the walkway, pro-level platform, landscape bridge and other garden landscape.Below the Dayi plastic wood mainly shows these application area the plastic wood floor effect diagram and the choice of the most cost-effective outdoor plastic wood floor specifications.

(1) the plastic wood floor of outdoor walkway is generally used to choose the round hole plastic wood flooring 140mmx25mm. This plastic wood floor has a good bearing capacity, and it is suitable for the places with a lot of people.


Renderings and specifications of the plastic wood floor

(2) outdoor pro level of Formosa plastics wood specifications generally selected solid plastic wood floor 140 mm to 23 mm, this plastic wood floor engineering contractor's most popular, such as: Dayi companies both at home and abroad, has been in the top sales.


Pro - level plastic wood floor renderings and specifications.

(3) the specifications of outdoor landscape bridge and plastic wood floor are generally used to choose the four hole plastic wood flooring of 150mmx25mm, and the Dayi plastic wood has the successful cases of such projects, such as Zhouquan park.图片7.png

Landscape bridge plastic wood floor renderings and specifications

Through the above three kinds of outdoor wpc decking of rendering and specifications of the introduction, believe that customers get the wpc floor  of rendering don't know how to choose the specifications of the purchaser, have a certain answer.If you have any questions about these, please call the 24-hour hotline: 0086-15105832007

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